Kasey Camp

Kasey Camp

“I really do like to make desserts,” said Kasey Camp, 15, and she likes to make them for other people. She made several for a recent Bruce High School Band bake sale and she found a lot of ideas for them on Pinterest.
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Debbi Harrelson

Debbi Cook

“Nothing I make is complicated,” said Debbi Harrelson of Bruce, “I cook what we like, things that are common to me, and I am not a fancy cook.”
Her submitted recipes are the “stuff she uses.” She was the youngest of nine children and cooking supper was “her chore.”
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Fay Nolan

Fay Nolan Cook

Johnny The Wop is loved by all of Fay Nolan’s grandchildren. She doesn’t have a clue where her mother got the recipe or where the name came from, but it’s like a layered spaghetti dish.
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Jessi Parker Stevenson

Stevenson Jessi

“I think everyone can cook, I just think some people do not trust themselves in the kitchen,” said Jessi Parker Stevenson of Saltillo and formerly of Bruce. “That is the one place in the house that shouldn’t have rules, except to clean up after yourself.”
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Nolan Baker

Cook Nolan Baker

Nolan Baker said his official start to cooking was helping his dad, Mark, at The Countree Store in Bruce (formerly Bruce Jr. Food Mart), and watching Food Network, namely Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri. At the store he would help with breakfast, and late night food like chicken and hamburgers.
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Taylor Blue

Taylor Blue Cook

What’s new with Taylor Blue of Vardaman? This culinary student of The W was Cook of the Week in The Journal a year ago, and she has been posting lots of good food on Instagram.
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Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones Cook

“To me, a recipe is more of a guideline, not a rule to follow,” said Jessica Moore Jones.
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Lou Hall

Lou Hall Cook

Lou Massey Hall was raised on a farm where she and her twin sister, Sue, took turns cooking dinner when they were young. At age 10 she baked a caramel cake, the first thing she learned to make, and it was on a wood stove.
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Maggie Dunegan

Maggie Dunegan Cook

Maggie Dunegan of Bruce is the daughter of last week’s cook, Patricia Zinn. She and her family (husband Dustin, and sons Zachary, 6, and Logan, 10 months) moved to Bruce in 2012.
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Patricia Zinn

Patricia Zinn Cook

Patricia Zinn eats a lot of Mexican food. Living in Texas from 1987 until 2012, she learned to eat more spicy food. She liked it and began to cook that way.
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