Melissa Edmondson


“All of my daddy’s family say that I cook more like my Mamaw Altha Morgan than anyone else in the family,” and that’s why Melissa Edmondson says she always get the task of making the dressing for family gatherings.
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Tania Nelson


Tania Nelson of Vardaman learned mostly on her own to cook, but as an adult she got a lot of help from Jeannie Winter. Growing up eating peas, butterbeans, tomatoes, and salt and pepper, Tania said Jeannie taught her to “throw a little garlic salt in everything!”
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Award winning pies

Jan Cook, Melissa Edmondson, Peggy Whiteside

Recipes released for award winning pies in Vardaman Sweet Potato Festival recipe contest.

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Linda Bennett


Linda Mosley Bennett says she is “old-fashioned” about Christmas. She likes to make Christmas candy like her mother, Dorothy Mosley, and her grandmother, Mary Hubbard. She likes the old-timey “fat colored Christmas lights” on the tree with icicles.
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Sweet Potato Festival’s award winning cakes

Winning ribbons in the cake division of the Sweet Potato Cooking contest, were Mary Keyser of Calhoun City, Melissa Edmondson of Vardaman and Lyndsey Wade of Oxford.

The follow are the winning recipes from the Annual Sweet Potato Cooking Contest held in conjunction with the Sweet Potato Festival last month. More winning recipes will be printed as space allows.

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Mary Joy Tedder


Mary Joy Tedder could not cook when she and Chris married. He sent her to his grandmother, Ruby Dean Tedder’s, to learn to can tomatoes, but the first thing she had to learn was how to peel one! Now during the summer she puts up her own corn and peas, and she cans tomatoes.
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Janna Turner


Janna Turner likes to scroll through Facebook and she tries a lot of recipes that pop up there. She does sometimes share some recipes on Facebook.
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Hick’s wins Mayor’s Cup at Sweet Potato Festival

Emily Hicks

Emily Hardin Hicks, of New Albany, was the winner of the Mayor’s Cup for the Sweet Potato Cooking Contest awarded at the Annual Sweet Potato Banquet in Vardaman Saturday night.
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Jo Ellen and Ellie Kathryn Bailey


Jo Ellen Bailey let her nieces, Addi Claire, 7,  and Ellie Kathryn Bailey, 4, help make peanut butter cookies on a long summer afternoon. And they ended up making them all summer long, Jo Ellen said.
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Calhoun Homemakers

Millie Goforth

Calhoun County Extension Homemaker Clubs and Calhoun County Cancer Society sponsored a Tasting Luncheon in October of 1986.
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