Amber Schmitz


Both sides of her family are different kinds of cooks, but Amber Schmitz says she has the best of both worlds, because it’s all good!
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Theresa Dye


“I like to cook and it shows!” laughs Theresa Dye of Bruce. She and “the girls at the office” share recipes all the time. They are employees of MS Eye Consultants of Oxford, formerly Mayo Eye Center. “Some great recipes are shared,” she said, and some of the ones she submitted are from her co-workers.
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Emily Cowsert Weeks


Emily Cowsert Weeks loves brown sugar and she adds a little bit to a lot of things she cooks.
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Twyla Nichols


Twyla Reason Nichols of Bruce calls herself a “cookbook junkie” but she does like to use Facebook for some recipe searching. Bobby  Flay and Trisha Yearwood are her Food Network favorites.
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LaDonna Burt


LaDonna Burt never uses the first recipe she sees for anything. She always looks at several, and usually uses a combination of them for her final one.
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Jessica Roberson


Jessica Roberson of Bruce likes easy stuff to cook-- “casseroles and oven stuff” because she doesn’t like to stand over the stove. But her husband, Christopher, loves fried chicken, so she is so glad she has a deep fryer for that.
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Trina Todd Pollan

Trina Pollan cook

“Cornbread is the first thing I remember cooking,” said Trina Todd Pollan of Starkville, and formerly of Bruce. “Daddy (Larry Todd)  always wanted cornbread with his meals.  Momma (Becky)  would call home before she left work and say, ‘Put on the cornbread.’ ”
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Tiffany Fugett

Tiffany Fugett

Tiffany Fugett of Vardaman loves Tony Chachere’s seasoning and she loves rice, which her recipes confirm. Like most people like to eat meat and potatoes, she prefers meat and rice.
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Lana Ferguson

Lana Cook PHoto

Lana Ferguson thought she wanted to be a chef. She cooked dinner at home a lot. She watched Emeril every Friday night at eight, and she even had her own apron that said, “BAM!”
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Jessie Hardin, Jordan Hall, Ann-Claire Westmoreland

Trio cook 8-10

Jessie Hubbard Hardin, Jordan Robertson Hall and Ann-Claire Mullen Westmoreland are best friends and Calhoun County school teachers, but they go from one end of the spectrum to the other in the cooking department.
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