Advertising Rates

Calhoun County Journal
Phone 662-983-2570

Publisher: Joel McNeece
Advertising Manager & Associate Editor:
Lisa Denley McNeece
Managing Editor: Celia Denley Hillhouse

Mississippi Press Services, Inc.
371 Edgewood Terrace
Jackson, MS 39206

*Local Rates non-commissionable.

*Volume Discounts available on all local display advertising. Discounts accrue based on number of inches run during calendar month. See chart.

*15% commission on national display only to recognized agencies.

*Accounts outstanding more than 28 days are subject to 1.5% monthly service charge.

*Billing periods are four weeks in length with the exception of five-Thursday months.

*Publisher reserves the right to collect, in addition to the amount due, reasonable costs of collection including attorneys fees and cost of litigation.

*Political ads and going-out-of-business ads will be pre-paid prior to publication.


Inches Per Month Rate Per Col. In.
1-10 $5.78
11-99 5.56
100-199 5.37
200-349 5.16
350-499 4.94
500-799 4.77
800 & Up 4.57

• FREQUENCY DISCOUNT: Additional 10% discount will be allowed for advertisers who schedule every week during month. Payment must be received by the 10th of the following month.

• CLASSIFIED RATES: Classified Display same as local display. Classified Ads: 32 cents per word for the first insertion and 16 cents per word for each subsequent insertion. Minimum $8.00. Advance payment pre-ferred. Extra for "blind ads.''

• CARD OF THANKS: 20 cents per word. Minimum $10.

*Pre-Print Inserts must be quarter-folded to approximately 11x7 inches in size.
*Delivery of inserts should be Friday prior to publication. Deliver to 207 North Newberger St., Bruce, MS 38915.
*Ship in boxes only. No facilities for handling pallets.

Number of Inserts Required:
4800 Total Circulation, 3800 In County Only

Insert Rates:
8 page tab .08 16 page tab .09
12 page tab .085 20 page tab .095

* Insert rates subject to changes in U.S. Postal Service rates

Spot Color (Per color per page) $65
Full (Process) Color $195

1 column x 1-1/2" with link $50 month
1 column x 3" with link $75 month
Call for more options (662.983.2570)

*Rates subject to change without notice.
*The publisher reserves the right to censor, reject, alter or refuse any advertising.

• Mississippi Classified Adv. Network: 25 word line ad $200. Classified Display also available. Printed in 104 Mississippi daily and weekly newspapers–total readership of more than 2 million.

• Mississippi Display Adv. Network: 3.75"”x2” ad $1,000. Printed in more than 90 Mississippi daily and weekly news-papers–total readership 1,145,320.

Monday Noon

6-Column Format
Page size 11.2 inches wide, 21 inches tall
126 Column Inches-Standard Page
Columns 1.75" wide

• PRESS RUN: 4,800

• PAID CIRCULATION October 2010 Postal Statement, 4,771

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