Rams Defeat Okolona With No-Hitters

Vardaman completed a sweep of Okolona last week.

Vardaman completed a sweep of Okolona last week.
The Rams defeated the Chieftains 11-6 in the opener. Kevin Barnette pitched a no hittter with 13 strike outs.
"It was a weird game with two errors and three walks and hit by pitches allowing five of the runs," Rams Coach Eric Spann said.
Vardaman's multi hitters were Forrest Kendal, 2-5, Britt Criddle, 4-5, Kevin Barnette, 3-5 with a home run, Gene Ruth 2-3, and Austin Spann 2-3.
In game two, Forrest Kendall and Austin Spann combined to throw a no-hitter for the Rams.
Top hitters were Forrest Kendall with two hits, Britt Criddle with three, Blake Tallent with two, and Kevin Barnette with two.
Vardaman improved to 3-2 in division with the wins.

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