Dog Lover’s League talks to ‘City board about opening shelter there

Rose Wells

Calhoun City board of aldermen and Mayor J.R. Denton were addressed by Rose Wells of Bruce, founder and president of the Dog Lover’s League in Bruce. Wells was in attendance at the meeting in hopes of getting their support for a no-kill dog shelter in Calhoun City.
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Bruce board names tennis courts in park for John Earl Armstrong

John Earl Armstrong

The Bruce board of aldermen agreed to name the tennis courts at Bruce Park in honor of Alderman John Earl Armstrong Tuesday night.
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Lots of unaccounted for water in Pittsboro

Reda Bullard

Pittsboro board of Aldermen spent the bulk of their meeting Tuesday trying to determine where excess water pumped from the town’s wells is going.
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Faddock hired as new Derma police officer


Derma hired a new part time police officer at the regular meeting of the board last night.
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Vardaman board announces color plan for outside of complex

Barbara Tedder

The outside of Vardaman’s new Municipal Complex will be painted ivory on the bottom, black on the top and have a couple of white columns added, town clerk Barbara Tedder reported to the board last night.
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Chief Evans returns to Bruce meeting; bids sought for Jimmy Beckley Drive overlay

Stan Evans

Bruce Police Chief Stan Evans made his first appearance at a town board meeting in months Tuesday night after being out battling cancer.
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Vardaman to install cameras at Sportsplex

James Casey

Vardaman board of aldermen approved security cameras at the Sportplex and got a financial update at the regular meeting of the board last night.
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Pittsboro board confused by variations to utility bills

pittsboro board

The Pittsboro board of aldermen spent the bulk of their meeting Tuesday night debating the cost of utility bills from Pontotoc Electric.
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Calhoun City writing tickets for jake brakes, loud pipes

J.R. Denton

Calhoun City Mayor J.R. Denton said there have been some complaints about jake brakes and loud pipes in town. Police Chief Tito Lopez said they have issued some warnings that tickets will be written. “Thank you, Tito. The police are being vigilant and we appreciate it,” said Denton.
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Derma board approves speed bumps on Underwood Drive

Dock Gabbert

Derma Board of Aldermen approved installing two sets of speed bumps on Underwood Dr. at the regular meeting of the board last night.
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