Vardaman slowing renovation of new municipal complex due to high cost

James Casey

Mayor James Casey told the Vardaman board of aldermen that he had badly underestimated labor costs for renovating the new municipal complex.
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Armstrong charged with shooting into Pierce house in Calhoun City


Two Calhoun City men are in custody as an investigation continues into a Friday night fight that led to an attack with a machete, gunshots and a high speed chase.
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Chief Stan Evans defends part-time officers in Derma board meeting

Stan Evans

Derma Police Chief Stan Evans commended his officers for the work they are doing in Derma, and said the part time option they are using now is best for the town.
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Collins pleads guilty; sentenced to 20 years, 10 to serve

Matthew Collins, right, reviews his plea agreement with his attorney Bob Laster, of Grenada, in the Lafayette County Courthouse courtroom Tuesday afternoon.

A Calhoun City man plead guilty to the drowning death of his wife Tuesday afternoon at the courthouse in Oxford.
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Calhoun City moves forward with zoning ordinance

J.R. Denton

In discussion on zoning at the Calhoun City Mayor and Board of Aldermen meeting Tuesday night, Larry Bratton moved that the ordinance be adopted with intent to upgrade and look at the map. He also made the motion that they adopt the International Building Code.
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Pittsboro board still looking at unsightly property

Cindy Hubbard

Pittsboro board of aldermen continued discussions Tuesday to clean up some properties around town. Last month they agreed to send a few  letters to property owners asking them to improve properties.
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Bruce board discusses potential water rate hike, condemning building on square

Danny Rodgers

Bruce board of aldermen briefly discussed the possibility of raising water rates, but ultimately made no official decision.
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Bids for major leveling project way over budget


Bids for the largest State Aid project in the county came in way over budget last week, leaving supervisors uncertain how to proceed.
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Taylor will host “Conference on the Front Porch” this fall


Main Street Taylor, LLC is pleased to announce an important new annual conference dedicated to the study of the front porch in the American South.  The first annual Conference on the Front Porch will take place October 20-21, 2016 in Taylor, MS at The Mill at Plein Air.
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State budget, Trump dominate NCF speeches

ncf bryant

Political speakers at the 127th Annual Neshoba County Fair for the most part utilized their time at the lectern under the Founders’ Square pavilion for one of two purposes – either to criticize the current state budget situation or to offer up an endorsement for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
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