Calhoun Banking Center will open new bank in Bruce Sept. 6

calhoun bank

Calhoun Banking Center looks to move into its new home in Bruce on Sept. 6.
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Creekside golf course closes; property expected to sell

Kimmy Murphree

Creekside Golf Course has closed in Bruce and is unlikely to reopen as a course in the future.
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Webster seeking man on child battery charges


Webster County Sheriff Department is seeking the public’s help in finding Christopher Hardwick.

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Moore to speak to Bruce Chamber Monday at lunch

Mike Moore

Superintendent Mike Moore will be the guest speaker at today's Bruce Chamber of Commerce meeting in the Bruce Museum.

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Bruce drug dog sniffs out suspicious package on delivery truck

corey ero

A package of drugs being shipped via mail to a residence in a nearby county was thwarted by Bruce’s K9 officer Ero last week.
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Julie Sullivan teaches rescue swimming for kids

Skybox Julie

Out on a county road in Bruce, surrounded by cows and pasture, is a bright blue pool where local kids are spending their summer learning not only how to swim, but how to survive.
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Vardaman slowing renovation of new municipal complex due to high cost

James Casey

Mayor James Casey told the Vardaman board of aldermen that he had badly underestimated labor costs for renovating the new municipal complex.
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Armstrong charged with shooting into Pierce house in Calhoun City


Two Calhoun City men are in custody as an investigation continues into a Friday night fight that led to an attack with a machete, gunshots and a high speed chase.
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Chief Stan Evans defends part-time officers in Derma board meeting

Stan Evans

Derma Police Chief Stan Evans commended his officers for the work they are doing in Derma, and said the part time option they are using now is best for the town.
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Collins pleads guilty; sentenced to 20 years, 10 to serve

Matthew Collins, right, reviews his plea agreement with his attorney Bob Laster, of Grenada, in the Lafayette County Courthouse courtroom Tuesday afternoon.

A Calhoun City man plead guilty to the drowning death of his wife Tuesday afternoon at the courthouse in Oxford.
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