TAVR improves quality of life for Smokey Barefield

smokey & nancy barefield

BRUCE, Miss.—After some major repairs to his heart during 2014, Jimmy “Smokey” Barefield of Bruce is feeling almost as good as new.

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Career Center’s first year Robotics team qualifies for state competition

robotics team

The competition is intense while exhilarating at the same time.
“It’s kind of a battle of wits,” said Ethan Straider. “We get to use our minds and imagination to build robots and compete against other people.”
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Leo “Bud” Welch Blues album to be released in March


At age 82, bluesman Leo “Bud” Welch rocks on stage like a teenager — dancing and spinning as he beats out jagged chords and grimy solos on his pink, sparkle-covered guitar.

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Dudley Davis donates stump from Rowan Oak to Union County Museum

faulkner log

A connection between Calhoun County and Union County was made  in the recent donation of an interesting object to the Union County Historical Society Heritage Museum collection, and it has brought another William Faulkner related story to light in his native town of New Albany.

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Racing runs in the Dishman family


Clint Dishman loves everything about racing, particularly drag racing. Dishman, who owns Clint’s Pit Stop convenience store on the corner of Hwys. 9-32 in Bruce, has been racing for 16 years.

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Can’t miss Carrie Garvin’s house in Calhoun City


Carrie Garvin’s house stands out on South Madison Street in Calhoun City, but then it would stand out on any street.

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Demand growing for Emily Rennie’s homemade magnets


Emily Rennie looks through dozens of magazines at a time, but not necessarily because she’s fascinated by the stories. She’s on a scavenger hunt for interesting images she can turn into her increasingly popular magnets.

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Alford wins “Senior Meat Goat Princess” in only second year of competition

alyssa alford

Vardaman senior Alyssa Alford is still a relative newcomer to competing in goat shows, but she has quickly risen to among the best in her class.

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Dr. George McNamee proud of his Bruce beginnings


Bruce native Dr. George McNamee knew what he wanted to do early on with his love for science.

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Winfer Turner has led Lighthouse Church in Bruce from its beginning in a cow pasture

winfer turner long

Bishop Winfer Turner will never forget his first sermons in Bruce. He preached in the school gymnasium, several homes, and a cow pasture.

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