Assistant District Attorney Lon Stallings set to retire in May

Lon Featuret

Lon Stallings didn’t intend to enter the law profession initially. He graduated from Mississippi State University with an accounting degree.
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Calhoun Youth Court Judge Bob Cooper dies

bob cooper24

Calhoun County Youth Court Judge and Bruce attorney Robert S. "Bob" Cooper died Tuesday evening.

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Ken Chandler looks to bring “power football” to Bruce Trojans

ken chandler

“Power football,” that’s how Bruce Trojans’ new head football coach Ken Chandler described his philosophy.
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Soldier who died with Calhoun’s Cpl. Hellums in WWII returned to Ohio resting place

Donald Owens

Buried and lost in twisted metal and dirt for nearly 67 years, a Navarre soldier killed during a tank blast in World War II finally has a permanent, sacred resting place.
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Anamaria Caradine is Calhoun County’s Teacher of the Year


When Anamaria Caradine Moore graduated as Vardaman High School’s valedictorian in 2008, she couldn’t envision she would be returning to her alma mater as a teacher.
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After birth of their son, ‘City couple advocates for Down Syndrome kids


Canaan – a place where God’s people left behind the old life and crossed over the waters into a new one. Two young people who would eventually become parents of a special needs child picked this name for their son just a few weeks into their pregnancy. Little did they know how fitting this name would be down the road.
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Jessey Higdon’s music career began when he opened for Buck Owens

jessey higdon

“I’ll never forget opening up for Buck Owens,” said Jessey Higdon of Bruce. “That was a big deal for a 15-year-old kid.”
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Fiddlin’ Around – Steve Norwood finds great joy in making, playing his own fiddles

steve norwood

Steve Norwood fell in love with the fiddle listening to the Grand Ole Opry in the 1950s.
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Bruce native Matt Allen finds his niche at The Clay Canvas

matt allen5

Park your car in the northeast parking lot just off the Oxford Square, stroll down the sidewalk on a weekday or Saturday, and you will see Bruce native Matt Allen inside his establishment helping customers select pieces of molded clay, paint brushes and colors to create a new piece of art work.
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Calhoun City Rotary sponsors Dental Brigade to Honduras


During the week of Feb. 7-14 the Calhoun City Rotary Club, in partnership with the Madison, Alabama Rotary Club and the Choluteca Rotary Club in Honduras, conducted a Dental Brigade near the town of San Marcos de Colon in southern Honduras.
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