CCHS history students hear first hand history, Bellefontaine’s Wilson Leather

Taking a close look at the art of hand made products of Wilson Leather Company are, from left, Jessie Nabors, Baronica Lawrence, Mrs. Margaret Wilson, Scott Doler and Tess Ingle.

Recently the world history class of CCHS learned that the success of business lies not in the size of the town in which it operates, but through the vision of its entrepreneurs.
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Minnie Evans embraces her “handicap” while serving her community

minnie evans

It’s a day Minnie Evans will never forget. She was only 35 years old with three young children, and doctors told her she may only have three months to live.
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Gary Hawkins loves to collect, share Calhoun City history

gary hawkins08

Gary Hawkins has a collection of stories and Calhoun City history that could fill numerous books. It’s understandable when you consider his family history in this area dates back to the early 1800s, before there was a Calhoun County.
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Denley recounts some of her many memories from Bruce Rotary Club

Jo Ann Denley

Jo Ann Denley recited an unofficial history of the Bruce Rotary Club last week when she shared a collection of memories from her near 30 years in the organization.
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Andy Stepp takes pride in role as “good neighbor pharmacist”

andy stepp24

Being a pharmacist wasn’t something Andy Stepp always knew he wanted to do. It just kind of happened. Within a month or two of his freshman year of college, Stepp decided he wanted to be a pharmacist but still has no clue as to why.
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Joel Worley – ministering through music

joel worley pre

Inside First Baptist Church of Bruce, not too far off the downtown Square, the strum of a guitar echoes through the halls.
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Julie Sullivan teaches rescue swimming for kids

Skybox Julie

Out on a county road in Bruce, surrounded by cows and pasture, is a bright blue pool where local kids are spending their summer learning not only how to swim, but how to survive.
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Donald and Dewey Shipp celebrate seven decades of wedded bliss

don shipp2

Donald Shipp said when he was coming up through school, he was mostly surrounded by girls.
“When you do that, they’re just kind of like sisters,” he said. “There’s no romance, you just play with them. But Lord, this new girl came to town and hot dog, she turned me on.”
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Jo Ann Denley fell in love with journalism at The Journal

jo ann denley

The Calhoun County Journal has been a family affair for more than half a century now. Bruce’s Jo Ann Denley has been around for a majority of it.
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Wayne Parker reminisces of horse riding days

Wayne Parker Big Pic

Wayne Parker always wanted to be a cowboy. He wanted to rope and ride. He and his friend thought they would be the next Gene Autry and Roy Rogers Western stars.
And there were days when he lived his dream, but those days have come to a slow close.
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