Jo Ann Denley fell in love with journalism at The Journal

jo ann denley

The Calhoun County Journal has been a family affair for more than half a century now. Bruce’s Jo Ann Denley has been around for a majority of it.
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Wayne Parker reminisces of horse riding days

Wayne Parker Big Pic

Wayne Parker always wanted to be a cowboy. He wanted to rope and ride. He and his friend thought they would be the next Gene Autry and Roy Rogers Western stars.
And there were days when he lived his dream, but those days have come to a slow close.
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Chandler, Montgomery, Grantham win at Sawmill Festival car show

Best of Sawmill

James Chandler of Bruce, Mike Montgomery of Pontotoc and Bobby Grantham of Winona were the top winners in the Bruce Sawmill Festival's annual car show last weekend.

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Bruce native Dr. George McNamee gives high schoolers insight into medical careers at Walter Reed Medical Center


As Jordan Greene, 16, meticulously worked to accomplish successfully making a square knot on a simulated body part in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Dr. George McNamee, deputy director of surgical skills in the Simulation Center at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC), offered advice and encouragement.
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Jerry Ellison is a Corvette guy

jerry corvette28

Not long ago, Jerry Ellison pulled up to the red light in Bruce in his shiny, red 1976 Corvette and a young guy eased up as close as he could in a Camaro.
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Richard Freelon, humble servant

richard freelon93

Richard Freelon has been retired for four years, married for 47, and loving God for many more.
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Twisted Sisters – Lisa Norwood and Vonda Keon share gospel through speed painting

lisa vonda33

“We call ourselves the Twisted Sisters,” Vonda Keon said. “We came up with Twisted Sisters a while back…”
“…because she’s out there and I’m not,” Keon’s sister, Lisa Norwood, said.
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Nida Pittman – evangelist, community helper, teacher


Nida Pittman grew up in Vardaman not knowing where life would take her, and she didn’t expect it to bring her back to Calhoun County to settle, but it did.
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Spray Paint Art with Hannah Goodson


The rattle of spray paint cans and their colorful fumes fill the air off a small country road south of Calhoun City. Wet paint in bold colors spout out of bottles and onto poster board. This is Hannah Goodson’s favorite pastime.
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Pieces & Patches quilting club keeps tradition alive


Quilting by hand, stitch by stitch has become a lost trade. Larger, more efficient machines have taken over what careful hands had previously took the time to do. Not many people still quilt regularly but six Calhoun County ladies do.
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