New statute to be applied in case against school officials

Mike Moore

The delay in setting a trial date for Superintendent Mike Moore and former Bruce High School Principal Michael Gillespie will likely grow longer as the prosecution is expected to apply a new statute in the case.
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Alabama man pleads guilty to robbing Randolph Post Office


An Alabama man has pleaded guilty to robbing a northeast Mississippi post office and firing a gun at the postmaster.
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Ashland man arrested in Banner on kidnapping charge

Benjamin Ferguson

An Ashland man is in the Calhoun County jail in Pittsboro facing charges of kidnapping, domestic violence and grand larceny.

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Derma man pleads guilty to 2016 murder; accessory sentenced as well


A Derma man was sentenced to 40 years in prison after pleading guilty to second degree murder Monday in Pittsboro.
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Four arrested for passing phony money


Bruce police are cautioning area merchants to be on alert for fake $100 bills being circulated.
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Woodland man arrested on sex charges in Calhoun

David Eacholes

A Woodland man is in custody at the Calhoun County Jail for sexual charges on two underage females.
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Bruce men arrested after stealing weapons from storage building

Danny Shoemake

A pair of Bruce men were arrested for stealing weapons from a local storage building last week.

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Bone found near location of Calhoun City skull

Skull side view

Calhoun County Sheriff Greg Pollan said he had no idea if a bone found in Calhoun City last week was related to the skull that was found in early May.
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Bridge burning in north Mississippi is under investigation

Mike Chaney

The Mississippi insurance commissioner says deputy fire marshals are investigating a blaze that damaged a railroad bridge in Grenada.

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No court date yet for charged school officials

Ben Suber

The appointment of Bruce Municipal Judge Ben Suber to hear the case against Superintendent Mike Moore and Bruce High Principal Michael Gillespie, as previously reported by The Journal, became official last week, but a trial date has still not been confirmed.
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