Supervisors considering three proposals for county audit

Sonny Clanton

Calhoun County supervisors took three bids to conduct the county audit for the next two years under advisement last Friday at their meeting in Pittsboro.
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Supervisors will approve term bids earlier than usual


Calhoun County Supervisors agreed Monday to advertise and accept term bids for 2018 earlier than normal in an attempt to circumvent a new law that takes effect in January requiring reverse bidding.
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Town officials, sheriff hold meeting to discuss county jail contract

town meeting50

Mayors, police officers, and town clerks gathered at City Hall in Calhoun City Tuesday morning with Sheriff Greg Pollan and Supervisor Homer Moore to continue discussions toward finding a solution to the required contract from the county on holding inmates from the municipalities at the county jail.
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Five bridges in county closed after failed inspections

bridge closed32

The list of closed bridges around Calhoun County has grown to five as inspections by federal and state officials continue to point out deficiencies.
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Supervisors hire circuit clerk to build election database


Supervisors agreed to pay Circuit Clerk Carlton Baker $300 to build the election database for this November’s election rather than contract it out for a lot more money.
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Supervisors set jail fee for towns; Pope says alcohol petitions getting close


Calhoun County supervisors approved a request from Bruce Mayor Rudy Pope Tuesday morning to adjust the charge to towns for housing inmates at the county jail to $35 per day.
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Towns to pay more for housing inmates at county jail

Sheriff Pollan

The cost of housing inmates at the jail in Pittsboro for Calhoun County municipalities will go up this year, according to a proposed agreement from county supervisors.
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No tax increase – County raises millage estimate and avoids expected tax hike


Calhoun County supervisors agreed to a significant adjustment to the proposed budget for next fiscal year eliminating an expected tax increase for property owners for the coming year while still incorporating some of the requested increases for county departments.
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Supervisors acknowledge can’t avoid tax hike due to school district’s request

Supervisor Charles Bobo, Attorney Sonny Clanton and Supervisor Homer Moore listen to budget discussion Monday morning.

Calhoun County supervisors resigned themselves to the fact that a tax increase is a virtual certainty this year due to the increase sought by the school district.
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New company to take over county ambulance service

James Franklin

Calhoun County Supervisors approved new management for the ambulance service at Baptist Hospital Monday morning.
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