Second arrest made in unnatural intercourse case

Michael Haire

A second arrest has been made for unnatural intercourse in Calhoun County.

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Calhoun native found guilty on two counts of impersonating officer

Jockey C. Justice

A Calhoun County native was convicted on two counts of impersonating an officer in Bruce City Court Wednesday evening.

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Gary Hawkins loves to collect, share Calhoun City history

gary hawkins08

Gary Hawkins has a collection of stories and Calhoun City history that could fill numerous books. It’s understandable when you consider his family history in this area dates back to the early 1800s, before there was a Calhoun County.
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Bruce man attempts to escape from jail


A Bruce man in the Calhoun County Jail faces additional charges after attempting to escape today. [Read more...]

Supervisors approve one mil tax increase; deny requests from local departments


Calhoun County Supervisors unanimously voted for a one mil tax increase Tuesday to cover a shortfall in fee and fine revenue and a mandated pay increase for court reporters in chancery and circuit courts.
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Sales tax returns positive for Calhoun municipalities in 2015-16


Calhoun County municipalities closed out the 2015-16 fiscal year on the positive side in sales tax revenues.
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Denley recounts some of her many memories from Bruce Rotary Club

Jo Ann Denley

Jo Ann Denley recited an unofficial history of the Bruce Rotary Club last week when she shared a collection of memories from her near 30 years in the organization.
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Pittsboro woman fined after running firemen’s roadblock

roadblock cones

A Pittsboro woman was fined more than $750 after pleading guilty in Derma court to three charges related to running through a roadblock and endangering firemen.
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Calhoun City mayor, board working on budget for next fiscal year

J.R. Denton

Calhoun City aldermen authorized Mayor J.R. Denton and Clerk Raenell Moore to finalize the budget for next fiscal year after a brief discussion last Tuesday night.
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Banner man arrested, huge amount of marijuana


One of the biggest marijuana finds in the county resulted in the arrest of a Banner man today.

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