Leave it to adults to spoil great game for the kids

The evidence is overwhelming on the value of sports for young people, unless of course adults get in the way. That happened last Friday night in Water Valley where two hard-playing football teams saw the game they love taken over by a handful of men in black and white striped shirts.

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There’s more to Leland than Hwy. 82

Leland Progress Publisher Stephanie Patton and MPA President Joel McNeece at the newspaper office in Leland.

I was no stranger to Leland, having traveled there for several high school football games through the years.

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Bruce Trojans are playing for Jaden and Caden this season

jaden caden

There’s a lot more things in life than high school football. Most of us with plenty of years in the rear view mirror easily understand that, but it’s not as common for most 15-18 year olds suiting up every Friday for the highlight of their week, and for many their lives.

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We need more funding for schools, less Pepsi

•I think the Legislature should try fully funding the MAEP formula for at least five consecutive years so we can get a better gauge on how truly impactful it is. When it’s only been fully funded twice, both election years, you’re not giving the system an opportunity to work.

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One of the greatest honors of my life

I am two months into one of the greatest honors of my life – serving the Mississippi Press Association (MPA) as its president – and am reminded daily of the many people who are responsible for this incredible opportunity.

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Mississippi’s Tamale Trail will never let you down

Casey Clark, Bruce Longest, Joel McNeece, Kent Moore and Brad Logan in Rosedale.

If we’ve learned anything over the past four years, it’s that good friends, good tamales and good music always equal good times.

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Gov. William Winter delivers best speech of 2014 Neshoba County Fair

Joel McNeece, Gov. William Winter, Lisa McNeece

Former Gov. William Winter has long been one of my absolute favorite Mississippians. Not only for his contributions to this state during his term in the governor’s office (1980-84), but for his work since focused on bringing Mississippians together.

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Visiting Estha Mae is nothing but joy

Spend an afternoon with Estha Mae Parker and you will come away with the same belief as me – she is one of the great jewels of Calhoun County.

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Indian battle at Oldtown

During our recent renovation of The Journal office, my wife Lisa uncovered a very comprehensive economic development plan for all of Calhoun County dated 1962.

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Nobody likes a sore loser

I don’t know what it’s going to take for U.S. Senate challenger Chris McDaniel to get the message this race is over.

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