Ann Snellings

ann snellings imo kim

Kim Snellings loved cooking and flowers, and she carried both to work in the office at Weyerhaeuser. Many times she prepared meals for events there–breakfast, lunch or dinner. “It didn’t bother her to do big crowd stuff,” said her mother, Ann Snellings. “She was very particular about food prep. She was organized–with her planning, grocery shopping and serving dishes. She had all her stuff together when she was taking food somewhere.”

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Charlotte Oakley

charlotte oakley

The Department of Nutrition and Hospitality Management at the University of Mississippi is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. With that comes the release of their new cookbook, “Are You Ready?” of which Dr. Charlotte Beckett Oakley of Bruce is editor.

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Stacey Plunk

Stacey Plunk

Stacey Plunk of Bruce is a big Pinterest person for recipes. “You don’t need to look anywhere else. They’ve already done all the looking. It is so organized and user friendly, and I don’t know how I lived without it before. It’s also convenient to use in the grocery store,” she said.

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Betty Colbert

Betty Colbert cook

Betty Colbert of Vardaman recalls a couple of years ago making 32 sweet potato pies during the holidays, mostly for family.

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Savannah Pratt

Savannah cook

“It’s hard to pass up a good cookie with homemade ice cream,” says Savannah Pratt of Bruce, who makes a lot of sweets, and says cookies are her weakness. The Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookies are great for school functions, commenting that her students loved them when she brought them to school.

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Billy Van James

Billy Van James cook

“If anybody can read, they can cook,” Billy Van James told some home health nurses who were talking to his mother, the late Mary James, about cooking around 10 years ago.

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Ouida Moore

Cook Ouida Moore

Ouida Moore, of Calhoun City, believes almost every recipe can be tweaked for taste and convenience, so even the pass-along recipes she uses are uniquely hers.

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Sandi Stewart Shelton

Sandi Shelton

Sandi Stewart Shelton of Bruce is one of several members of Old Field Methodist Church who brings a dish for supper there every Wednesday night. “We always have a great meal,” she said about the potluck meal they have been having for several years now. One of her favorites to take is mini ham and cheese rolls.

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Maggie Liles Ellard

Maggie Ellard

Maggie Liles Ellard likes to add cream cheese to almost everything. Her daughter Georgia likes it,  too, and will eat it right off the block.

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Sandy and Charles Smith

Sandy & Charles Smith cook

Before their garden came in, Charles and Sandy Smith were regular participants in the new Bruce Farmer’s Market. They took homemade honey wheat bread, fried apple and peach pies, salsa, homemade jelly, squash pickles and even teacakes.

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