Janae Harrelson Winter

Janae cook

Two weeks ago Janae Harrelson Winter learned to make her granny, Evelyn Harrelson’s yeast rolls, and, “I have the pictures to prove it,” she said. She was at her granny’s from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. learning how to make the family favorite she has for them every Christmas. The next thing Janae wants to learn to make from Granny is homemade donuts. She has given up sweets for Lent, and after that she will be giving them a try.

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Bebe Maxwell

Bebe 3-26

“If you’re raised between the Barefoot Contessa (sister Mildred Dauphin) and Paula Deen (other sister Lynn Fales), what do you do?” said Bebe Maxwell of Derma.  Because Bebe always baked cakes and brownies, Mildred made her a cookbook of family recipes when she and Jim married.

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Lori Longest

Lori Longest

Lori Longest of Bruce is a meal-planner. Her mother always did meal planning, and Lori grew up eating balanced, healthy meals. She started meal-planning herself when she and Bruce married and has been cooking healthy for years.

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Ken Winter

ken winter

When Ken Winter left Bruce almost 40 years ago, he “couldn’t boil water.” He had to call back home to ask his grandmother, the late Maudie “Big Mama”?Winter how to make cornbread, which he stills makes by her directions. He says he learned to cook because of a combination of necessity and “I want to make that.”

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Pat Quillen Parvin

Pat Parvin

Pat Quillen Parvin got out her cookbook notebook and iPad to share her recipes–that’s how she cooks, she said. She loves getting recipes from Pinterest, and because she uses her black iron skillets now more than ever, she gets a lot of information from “Cast Iron Cooking” on Facebook.

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Carolyn Bryant

carolyn bryant

Carolyn Edwards Bryant of Bruce shared a couple of recipes that are “unique to her”–scuppernong (muscadine) cobbler and her version of chicken and dumplings, and one that is just unique, Mexican Apple Crepes. She describes the cobbler as “fruity and juicy,” and says she doesn’t always make the dumplings the same way. She says she doesn’t bake much, but that the apple crepes are really good.

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Dot Fleming

Dot Fleming cook

“If it’s a vegetable, I’m just about going to eat it,” said Dot Fleming of Vardaman. She really likes vegetables and trying different recipes for them, and she makes the green bean and the cabbage dishes quite a bit.

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Pam Shaw

Pam Shaw CMYK

Pam Harrison Shaw says summertime is her favorite time to cook, and she and husband, Turner, are looking forward to warm weather when they can use the grill and griddle in their outdoor kitchen again.

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Bruce Girl Scouts

Front, Gemi Moore, India Hatchett; standing, Kaitlyn Kincade, Lillian Baker, Alexis Edwards and Myisha Williams.

Bruce Girl Scouts are getting ready for “cookie season.” At their last meeting, they made chef hats and posters to promote their cookie sales. Also at the meeting, Troop Leader Trina Griffin had available some recipes using Girl Scout cookies from the website littlebrowniebaker.com

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Tesha Hailey

Tesha Hailey cook

Tesha Hailey of Calhoun City hopes to pass down a tradition of her grandmother, Carol Parker, with her recipe of Birthday Party Punch.

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