TV-7 transferring old VHS tapes to DVD with database of everyone in the videos

Ann and William Morgan

VHS tapes filled with Calhoun County history line the walls of the long hall at W07BN in Bruce that separates the front lobby from the television studio in the back of the large building.

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Tony Hardin gets creative as Varsity Pro, Inc. changes directions

tony hardin38

Tony Hardin lifted up the corner of a giant piece of material more than 10 feet tall and 20 feet wide that had a brightly colored floral scene including a white gazebo, not unlike the one on the Calhoun City square, set in one corner.

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Christmas Lighting contest winner Michael Herrod prefers more ‘traditional’ approach

michael herrod4

Michael Herrod’s nativity scene has been a winner in the 20th Century Club’s Christmas Lighting Contest in Bruce on multiple occasions, but this year was the first time to be the overall winner.

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Martins’ Christmas display in Derma continues to grow

martins lights

What began with a single plastic snowman and a few old-fashioned C9 colored lights has grown into the largest Christmas light display in Calhoun County and possibly the region.

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New homes around Bruce featured on 2013 Christmas Tour

Tour small

Four relatively new homes in the Bruce area were featured on the Christmas Tour of Homes last weekend sponsored by the Fine Arts Club of Bruce.

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Sabougla Fire Department has equipment, now working on fire station

Sabougla Fire Chief Russell Denton

When a fire broke out in the attic of a house in the Bradford Chapel Community in October of 2010, it was members of the Sabougla Fire Department that were first on the scene. But they were faced with a dilemma – they didn’t have a firetruck.

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Joe’s Market shares their technique for frying a turkey

John Ford and Curt Tunnell of Joe's Market in Bruce.

John Ford and Curt Tunnell from Joe’s Market in Bruce  gave us an inside look at how they fry a whole turkey.

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No place like Calhoun – Cross country rider chooses Big Creek as permanent home

Sea G. Rhydr with her two horses this past April as they made their way through Pittsboro. Photo by Joel McNeece

Sea G. Rhydr, the woman who passed through Calhoun County last April while riding across the country on horseback, finally reached her destination in Maine, but still had Calhoun County in her thoughts.

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Edwin Boland recalls time “Tallest Man in the World” visited Calhoun City

boland Tall Man

Edwin Boland of Calhoun City remembers vividly the day the “Gentle Giant” Robert Wadlow, best known as the world’s tallest person, visited the Calhoun City Square on March 13, 1940.

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Leo “Bud” Welch records new gospel CD while still playing the Blues

leo welch78

Leo “Bud” Welch has been playing music ever since picking up his first guitar at age 12.

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