Determination – Myra Bryant has been a cancer survivor for more than 50 years

myra bryant32

Determined – that sums up Myra Bryant of Pittsboro and how she has won numerous battles with cancer spanning more than 50 years.

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Jerry Bryant takes great pride in his 33 years as a Memphis fireman

jerry bryant97

Jerry Bryant will never forget the day he received a call saying, “We have a party hung on the commode.”

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Kalynn McCammon befriends animals through drawing

mccammon6 cutout

Kalynn McCammon’s fiery red hair isn’t her only trait that distinguishes her from a crowd. The Bruce seventh grader is a budding young artist always looking to create with a pencil in her hand.

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Jimmy Hardin keeps family fish business thriving


It’s approaching the “busy season” at Hardin’s Fish just south of Calhoun City where Jimmy Hardin will begin working longer hours and delivering fish to seemingly all corners of the U.S.

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Whether guitars or skateboards, Devin Wilson likes the action

Devin Wilson

Devin Wilson doesn’t care much for sitting around. While many young people may be wrapped up in video games or glued to their iPhone, Devin is more likely to pick up his guitar and spend hours honing his musical skills or jump on his skateboard and try to master some new tricks.

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Competitive spirit drove Ted Plunk to success all his life

Ted Plunk

Ted Plunk has always thrived on competition. It drove him to earn National Pharmacist of the Year while working for Kroger. It led him to the winner’s circle with dozens of race horses and motocross races. It even led to him meeting his wife Jane at a Pittsboro skating rink in the 1950s.

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Christa Davis loves uniqueness of charcoal art


Christa Davis will tell you the hardest thing about drawing a portrait of someone is the eyes.
“Everybody’s eyes are shaped a little different,” she said. “That’s always the most challenging part.”

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Brasher earns Calhoun County Teacher of the Year

dana brasher36

Dana Brasher was recently named Teacher of the Year by the Calhoun County School District, but she says her greatest reward is every day when she walks into her classroom.

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Horsing Around: James Hervey breaks, trains and cares for horses

james hearvey66A

There’s nothing when it comes to dealing with a horse that James Hervey can’t do. The 18-year-old senior at Calhoun City High School routinely breaks, shoes and trains horses for people around the county.

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Computer Wizard: Caden Austin doesn’t just play video games, he designs them


A love for video games is nothing unusual for today’s youth, but 11-year-old Caden Austin of Bruce sees something different when he turns on his computer.

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