Mr. and Miss Bruce High School


Carlos Cervantes and Anna Leise Tedford are Mr. and Miss BHS. Cervantes’ parents are Larry and Robin Parker and Tedford is the daughter of Mark and Suzette Tedford.

Mr. and Miss Calhoun City

cchs mr miss

Mr. and Miss Calhoun City High School for 2015 are Chakel Gates and Jenna Beth Hamilton.

Mr. and Miss Vardaman High School

vardaman mr miss

Mr. and Miss VHS for 2015 are Allen Hendrix and Laken Lucius.

Mr. and Miss Calhoun Academy


Jesse Rodgers and Joseph Boudreaux were selected Mr. and Miss Calhoun Academy. Jesse is the daughter of Rachelle and Andy Edwards, and Chris Rodgers. Boudreaux is the son of Lisa and Gaylon Gray, and Mike Boudreaux.

Bruce High School Top Five GPA

bruce Top 5

Bruce High School Top 5 GPA are Lasherica Thornton, Savannah Smith, Chelsea Tillman, Drake Ivy and Tyler Donovan.

Calhoun City Top Five GPA

CCHS Top 5

Calhoun City High School graduation class students having the top five GPA are, from left, Jenna Beth Hamilton, Steele Liles, Blake Simpson, Jordan England and Jamie Rutherford.

Vardaman’s Top Five GPA

vhs top5

Vardaman High School’s Top Five GPA are, from left, Laci Jo Fugett, Madison Halverson, Laken Lucius, Audrey Moore and John Moore.

Calhoun Academy Hall of Fame

CA hall fame

Lindsey Hubbard and Keely Wagner were named to Calhoun Academy’s Hall of Fame.  Hubbard is the daughter of Richmond and Emily Hubbard, and Wagner is the daughter of Ralph and Tammy Wagner.

Vardaman Hall of Fame

vhs hall fame10

Vardaman High School Hall of Fame members for 2015 are, from left, front, Jasmine Brownlee, Laken Lucius, Audrey Moore, Alyssa Alford; back, Allen Hendrix and Kent Casey.

Calhoun City Hall of Fame

CCHS Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame members of Calhoun City High School Graduation class are, from left, Steele Liles, Britian Graefe, Jordan England, Jace Leachman, Evan Enochs, Chakel Gates and Blake Simpson.