College baseball has come a long way, time to play ball

Rick Cleveland

My first paying job in life came early. I was 6 years old. Reed Green, the athletic director at then-Mississippi Southern College, paid me to chase down foul balls at baseball games at the old ballpark, now a football practice field.
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Calhoun City will begin postseason play Thursday night


Calhoun City teams, both two seeds, will begin play Thursday night in the semifinal round.
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Barbour offers students a realistic explanation of legislative gridlock

Sid Salter

STARKVILLE – Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour – never known for mincing words or soft-soaping his opinions especially about partisan politics – on Monday offered a group of about 400 Mississippi State University students some serious enlightenment about partisan politics and legislative gridlock as it exists today in Washington and in Jackson.
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Schedules for Region 4-2A tournament at Calhoun City and Region 4-1A at Vardaman


Calhoun City and Vardaman hosting Region 4-2A and 4-1A tournaments all this week.

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Stan Evans is happy to be back at work

stan evans9

The phone rings and Stan Evans looks up from the papers he’s looking through, reaches across his cluttered desk and picks up the receiver.
“Bruce PD,” he says.
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Lady Rams extend season; Rams fall to Hamilton

lady rams09

The Vardaman Lady Rams advanced to the semifinals of their region tournament and secured a playoff berth for next Monday with a 59-38 win over Coffeeville Tuesday evening.
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Basketball season ends for Bruce teams


Basketball season came to a disappointing end for both Bruce basketball teams Tuesday night in the region tournament at Calhoun City.
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Big Creek mayor and board all qualify

Big Creek Mayor Dwight DeVall

Big Creek now has a full slate of qualifiers and Derma and Calhoun City added more candidates for their town boards last week as the qualifying period for this year’s municipal elections enters the final two weeks.
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AutoZone coming to Calhoun City this summer


AutoZone, the national auto parts chain, is expected to open a store in Calhoun City later this summer.
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Overlay coming to Hwy. 8, but no turn lane per MDOT

J.R. Denton

Calhoun City Mayor J.R. Denton told the Calhoun City Chamber Tuesday that MDOT has plans to overlay Hwy. 8 from the Piggly Wiggly to the county line, but a turn lane is out of the question for the next two decades.
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