Taxpayers deserve sun shining on public hospitals

Layne Bruce

JACKSON – Let’s get one thing straight. Problems that engulfed Singing River Health System are by no means indigenous to Jackson County.

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Calhoun County shaken by deadly accident

Caylee Leachman

Silent, solemn, uncertain – those were the words used by school leaders all around Calhoun County describing their students upon returning to school Monday, mourning the loss of two well-known students and the several others injured in a violent car accident Saturday night.

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Bruce board agrees to have engineer to look at washed out areas on Newberger

Danny Rodgers

The Bruce board agreed Tuesday night to have an engineer look at some washout places on North Newberger and Johnson streets to see how they can be repaired.

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Robertson joins ‘City police; mayor gives update on streets

J.R. Denton

Juston Robertson was approved as a full-time police officer at Calhoun City by the board of aldermen at their meeting Tuesday. Robertson’s employment will be effective March 4. He is replacing Josh Hughes, who resigned.

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Sportsplex discussion dominates Vardaman board meeting

Vardaman Flag

The Vardaman board of aldermen added new members to the Sportsplex board and discussed various sports held there during their meeting Tuesday night.

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Derma approves hazard mitigation plan, bad debt list

Paul Moore Jr.

Derma board of aldermen adopted a hazard mitigation plan and approved training for employees at their regular meeting last night.

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Pittsboro continues work on fire truck loan; rejects bid on old truck

pittsboro flag323

The Pittsboro mayor and board of aldermen worked on finalizing a $220,000 loan to buy a new fire truck on state contract price at their meeting Tuesday night.

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Sad time for all of Calhoun County

Joel McNeece

“Sorrow makes us all children again — destroys all differences of intellect. The wisest know nothing.”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson
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A most memorable snow experience

Lisa McNeece

The snow we got last Wednesday in Calhoun county was, without question, the most I’ve ever seen here at one time, and the most beautiful.

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Ford guided House into modern era

Sid Salter

The House that freshman state Rep. Tim Ford joined in 1980 was one ruled by an all-powerful speaker who took care of his friends, ignored his enemies and marginalized the relatively small number of African American lawmakers – a group that had grown from four to 17 in the election that brought Ford to the Legislature.

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